Fantasia by Thomas Kinkade will be the 12th and FINAL Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams release. Walt Disney is famous for stating “it all started with a mouse” and from the very beginning of Thomas Kinkade’s Disney series, Thomas Kinkade plotted to end it “with a mouse” and just what better ending than to feature Fantasia. Although Thomas Kinkade passed away before completing the oils on Fantasia, Thomas Kinkade was planning, organizing, developing and sketching Fantasia since 2008. Fantasia is certainly a Thomas Kinkade Masterpiece and was completed by a group of artists from the Thomas Kinkade Studios who based finishing of Fantasia on Thomas Kinkade’s plans.

Thomas Kinkade

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Master Highlight Series 1

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Claude Monet was one of the first Impressionists that changed French painting in the later half of the 19th century. Monet is most know for his landscapes and Paris scenes, but not so well know are his visions on canvas of the Normady Coast. In signature galleries, Thomas Kinkade you can see these stunning works of art.

Monet’s style led modernism into the 20th century, through he had little success early in his career. His perception of nature reached a peak during many series of paintings he did in the 1980′s. Haystacks [1891], Poplars [1892], Rouen Cathedral [1894] . In repeating the same scene in each series he shows how it changed, the light and shadows of the day.

In his later years in the early 1900′s he seemed to only paint the lily pond at his own property at Giverny, and the pond was the last scene he painted when he died a wealthy and respected man of 86.

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Most Famous Paintings

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Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vincimona lisa

The Scream – Edvard MunchMuch The Scream

Creation of Adam – Sistine Chapel by Michelangelomichelangelo creation adam

Sunflowers – Vincent Van GoghVan Gogh sunflowers

Ceci N’est pas une Pipe – Rene MargritteMagritte Pipe

Poppies in a Field – Claude Monetpoppies Claude Monet

The Last Supper – Leonardo Da Vincileonardo Da Vinci last supper

The Girl With a Pearl Earring – Jan VermeerVermeer The Girl With The Pearl Earring
Le Moulin de la Gallette – Jean Renoir

Renoir  Le Moulin de la Galette

Peace – Picassopicasso peace

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Top 10 Galleries in the Country

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New Yorkartgallery
Greene Naftali
In West Chelsea, opened in 1995, it is a scene for up and coming artists.

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
In the Meatpacking District, opened in 1988, it supports art and music.

Team Galley
Voyeurs and collectors gather hereto see emerging artists.

Deitch Project
This factory style gallery opened in 1996 and produces breakthrough artists.

Shane Campbell Gallery
Installations rival the edginess of Manhattan.

Los Angeles
China Art Objects Gallery
In Chinatown since 1999.

San Francisco
Ratio 3
Multimedia works that is art you can see and feel.

Gallery Paule Anglim
A touchstone for bay area artists, that rose from the 70′s beat era.

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Bringing in the best in international talent to Texas since 2005.

Midway Contemporary Art
A nonprofit that focuses on breaking through local and undiscovered talent.

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Video: How Art Made The World

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Top 10 Museums in the US

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The J. Paul Getty Museum

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

American Museum Of Natural History

National Gallery Of Art

Museum of Moden Art

Museum of Fine Arts

The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Norman Rockwell Museum

The Frick Collection

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